Create Your Ecommerce Website With Magento

To create web-based stores merchants use various e-commerce platforms. Indeed, there are lots of tools aimed at helping e-commerce merchants built online stores, manage their content and process online transactions. With this huge variety of available e-commerce platforms anyone can choose the one that meets his/her needs, experience and skills.

A great number of ecommerce merchants choose Magento. This is one of the most powerful and flexible content management systems used for web-based stores. It is also a reliable shopping cart software. This open source, cross-platform software can be downloaded for free. Of course, those who want to have more features can purchase a premium version of this software. However, even if you choose a free version, you will get a powerful and feature-rich ecommerce tool.

Magento is an extremely flexible platform. Developers working with this software can modify its core code, use extensions to improve its functionality and also add new features. Merchants are offered a full control over the content, functionality and look of their websites. In other words, every aspect of the ecommerce website development and management is under a total control of a merchant. Moreover, Magento offers efficient search engine optimization solutions, numerous tools for catalog/content management, a full range of control options and a very intuitive administration interface. All these features make Magento extremely popular among ecommerce merchants worldwide.

Using Magento is especially advantageous if you care about the level of customer service. This software allows customers creating their accounts, get in touch with your through various contact forms and track shopping history. Moreover, to cater to needs of a greater number of customers, you can use various currencies and languages. With Magento you can also use various promotional tools. If necessary, Magento can be integrated into your Google Analytics account.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this ecommerce software is that it comes without technical support. To find answers to your technical problems, you can join a user forum or get professional help of Magento experts working at Lezgro is an offshore Ukrainian PHP development company that has its offices in Ukraine and Portugal. The company offers a wide range of ecommerce development services and works with various platforms. Lezgro’s Magento developers will help create a website of your dream.