Burger King Launches Proud Whopper

Burger King the fast food behemoth has introduced a new menu item in time for the 2014 San Francisco Gay Pride event. The item, aptly named Proud Whopper, is a classic Burger King Whopper that is wrapped in a rainbow colored paper that has printed on the outside – We are all the same inside.

The burger, which is a limited edition release, was documented through a short film titled Be Your Way, which is able to be viewed at the official YouTube page of Burger King.

However, at this point the Proud Whopper can only be purchased at one Burger King in the San Francisco area.

The LGBT-friendly campaign by Burger King is in stark contrast with that of Chick-fil-A’s. The chicken filet chain is still trying to move past the comments made by Dan Cathy the CEO against gay marriage, which he now said he regrets making.

Not everyone has shown great support for this sandwich. On the official Facebook page of Burger King, one critic by the name of Janet Peters posted that Burger went too far and that her family would not be patronizing Burger King any longer.

Her post continued by saying that forcing political views on your customers that are not in agreement with gay marriage was a bad idea.

Liberals argue religion should not be part of any corporation, but they say gay pride is able to be part of a corporation, concluded Peters.

Another critic said it would be refreshing to see one community that is pro-gay give some respect and tolerance they want to receive to those who are Christians and are not in agreement with their form of lifestyle, instead of name calling, ridiculing, insulting and using hateful comments.

One supporter of the new Whopper by the name of James Carroll posted that by saying you are in support of the LGBT community is not making a political statement. They too are people and not lobbyists and Burger King is showing its support for people.