Dining Goes Mobile: Is Your Business Ready?

A social media revolution is underway. Talking on a telephone at the dining table or (heaven forbid) in a restaurant was the height of poor etiquette once upon a time. However, mobile social consumers are starting to forget that stigma and making room for mobile devices at their proverbial tables. Restaurants have to keep pace or be left behind by their more mobile-friendly rivals.

Mobile-Conscious Consumers

Mobile devices like Apple’s iPad and high-end smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge are changing the way people interact with each other as well as with their favorite brands and restaurants. As being able to connect wirelessly to the Internet through a reliable network has become ubiquitous, the avenues for businesses to interact with their customers is becoming equally myriad and just as expected as getting free Wi-Fi in the local coffee shop.

Mobile Convenience and Dining Out

Today, consumers are connecting with companies through social media, loyalty programs, and purchasing apps. Most people want to be able to show coupons on their mobile devices instead of needing to print out special offers, and many more consumers expect to be able to reach their favored businesses via an app. Soon it will become standard to have the ability to connect with a business, take advantage of a loyalty program, place an order for takeout or delivery, reserve a table, and pay securely through a third-party service, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or a restaurant’s dedicated app.

Read on to learn more about how smartphones are changing the way we experience restaurants.