3M Company (MMM) Introduces Flat, Foldable HDMI Cable at CES 2012

The 3M Company (NYSE:MMM) introduced a new type of HDMI cable at CES 2012 today, except it fell flat.  Well, come to find out, it’s supposed to be flat.  Flat HDMI.

Nothing too unusual are flat cables.  They do help in installation scenarios where cable routing management can be a bit of a pain and otherwise troublesome.

The new 3M flat HDMI cable is foldable as well, something that you usually do not want to do even with a flat cable.  But 3M suggests that it is acceptable to fold the cable and that no harm will come to the actual cable itself.

3M did provide a note regarding the new cable, “The HDMI cable from 3M is based on the company’s award-winning Twin Axial Cable technology, which is used to transmit high-speed data and information in enterprise servers and super computers capable of speeds up to 25 Gbps and beyond.”

The connector-ends will also be color-coordinated so when you are trying to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night as not to wake the misses from her slumber to get in a small dose of gaming or late-night TV watching and trip over the cable, it should be easy to identify exactly what port on your A/V receiver it came out of, etc.  Of course, you should had properly routed the cable to begin with.

Shares of 3M Company (NYSE:MMM) closed down -0.63% at $83.77 to end Wednesday’s trading session.