BP Acknowledges Halliburton Lawsuit

BP Acknowledges Halliburton LawsuitBP announced today that they have acknowledged the lawsuit filed by Halliburton against the company.

Wrote in a company statement, BP said, “BP is aware of the claims filed against the company on 1 September 2011 by Halliburton. The company is now reviewing the contents of the claims and until this is complete cannot comment in detail.”

BP has pointed out that the lawsuit brought against the company by Halliburton is an attempt to “divert attention from its role in the Deepwater Horizon incident” and (Halliburton) is not committed to applicable responsibility regarding the event.

BP also said that they believe Halliburton is deflecting all blame onto the company (BP).

BP further said, “BP has co-operated with the various investigation bodies, providing detailed information. Investigations published so far have concluded that multiple parties contributed to the incident, including Halliburton.”

BP is quick to point out that multiple independent investigations into the Deepwater Horizon explosion are not the sole cause of the company, which is something that BP’s own investigation concluded.  The company has stated that they want all responsible parties to accept responsibility and that the cementing of the Deepwater Horizon well as a “potential contributory factor to the Deepwater Horizon disaster.”

Lastly, BP said in a statement, “BP will vigorously contest the claims should they come to court.”