McDonald’s to operate in Vietnam

On Tuesday, McDonald’s announced that Vietnamese businessman Henry Nguyen, who founded Good Day Hospitality will be the developmental licensee for the country.

Dave Hoffmann, McDonald’s President of the Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East region said as the brand’s presence increased in Asia, more partners are being sought to blend a strong business background with a unique understanding of the McDonald’s brand.

McDonald’s plans to open its first restaurant in Vietnam, in the capital of Ho Chi Minh City, sometime at the beginning of 2014.

The menu at the new restaurant will include chain’s favorites from its Big Mac to its famous fries.

The contract signed with Nguyen came after a thorough selection process that started year ago. He once worked at McDonald’s while a student in the U.S.

He has wanted to open his own McDonald’s for many years since he returned to Vietnam over 10 years ago.

The Development Licensee program is used by McDonald’s in more than 65 markets across the globe. It is a type of franchising that the company has used for over 30 years to help expand the Brand.

McDonald’s is the leading global food service chain in the world with more than 34,500 locations that serve over 69 million customers each day in over 100 countries.

Over 80% of the chain’s restaurants, across the globe, are owned by independent men and women.