5 Ways International Students Can Improve Their English

Universities and colleges accept students from other countries. According to website provides resume writing examples, English may not be the first language for these students and even though they may be able to read and write in English, it may be difficult for them to express themselves properly in English. Most of these students desire to improve their English. Here are some ways International students can improve their English.

  1. Practice


Most of the International students do not get to have a lot of practice in conversational English in their home countries. Students who make an effort to practice in their home country by attending English classes and having conversations in English before arriving have an easier time.

  1. Formal classes


Some colleges offer classes and courses for non-native English speakers to improve their English. These classes help the non-native speakers improve their pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and conversation.  Other colleges provide assistants or tutors to these students who offer individualized instructions. If an international student is enrolled in a college or university with these services, taking advantage of the opportunities will help them improve their English.

  1. Make friends with English Speaking students.


International students tend to prefer befriending other International students. This is understandable since they have some things in common. However, the practice may not provide opportunities to improve your English. Make friends with English speaking students who are willing to help improve your conversational English. Let them know beforehand that you are comfortable with corrections so that they do not feel like you will be offended.

  1. Mass Media


Learn the English culture and social cues through listening to music, watching the popular programs, and news and reading local newspapers and magazines. This will help you have something to talk about since you have already been exposed topics that may crop up in a conversation.

  1. Become a tutor

Taking up a job as a tutor is guarantee that you will get practice in English. You will be forced to speak English well enough to be understood. It may be difficult for the few sessions but you will improve as you go. Furthermore, you get paid for it.