How to Make a Website Popular


Websites have become a traditional source of income, information and ways to advertise. For one to be able to conquer this vast competition, you have to be smart moving quickly with the times. Due to lack of Knowledge some websites fail miserable and in a timely manner they become useless.

Regular updates


According to SEO company in Vancouver, regular updates by continually gathering new information consistently, without giving up it increases the website’s quality, the biggest problem most websites have is having a lot of quantity of information without quality. People tend to spread the rumor or spread news quickly if the website has no qualitative results.

Creation of free Services or products


There are many ways of appreciating people and getting attention from a crowd. The trick is doing something different that adds value one can incorporate, for example, free shipping costs in order to increase customer acquisition and increase ratings. On the other hand, one should deliver the exact thing they promised.

Adding Links from other Sites


Adding Links from other Sites: this is an incredible way to increase traffic in your website if one has a small niche, by placing the Links at a strategic place where visible. If this  worked out correctly, in due time attracts thousands of hits in a day hence flow of traffic  increases.

Optimization of search engines:


This goes hand in hand with web standards. One has to climb the search ranks by quality links one has to have the right HTML tag, a unique title, and having an exceptional metadata that goes with each page. The main idea is to have the right tool for the right Job.