What’s next for technology in entertainment?

When it comes to the entertainment sector, technology has prompted huge change in recent years. Advances in mobile device technology, the cloud, and how the internet can be used within entertainment have all meant that how we stay amused now is much different from the past. If you compare it to times gone by, the contrast is stark.

One constant factor of technology within entertainment is that it is always developing to move forward. This means that the entertainment sector itself is always changing and responding to the way that technology can be used. It also means that you as a consumer directly impact how the entertainment sector grows, due to the way that you use technology.

Just what are the next steps for technology within this sector? Read on to find out more about just what technology has in store for us all in the near future. 

What you can expect to see in next-generation entertainment

When it comes to technology within entertainment, the below are the next advances that many believe will happen: 

  • Streaming to grow – one area where technology has really changed entertainment recently is streaming. This looks set to continue to grow in prominence in the future as new streaming technologies are developed to use. This will allow you to stream media faster than before. Where you used to download music, films or TV shows, you most probably opt to stream now. Many expect this to only expand into the future as the technology behind it grows.
  • Voice tech – though this has started to become popular with kit such as Amazon’s Alexa, many see voice technology as the next major step within entertainment. It will allow you to use voice command tech to ask your media device to search for a certain song or movie. On top of this, it is also expected that this type of technology will make it easier to play, pause or stop the entertainment media that you are enjoying. 
  • Virtual reality – the big tech news for the future of entertainment is virtual reality (VR). Though it has been around for a while, many now expect it to hit big soon. This is mainly because the VR kit and technology powering it are more affordable and useable now. It is thought that this tech will see video games come to life as never before and give truly amazing experiences to players. Many online casinos are already opening up VR versions of their site for you to enjoy with special VR games on them. 
  • Game tech to evolve – playing games online is set to evolve into the future with the technology behind it driving the change. Whether you choose to enjoy online play with Stakers casino or a multi-player game on your mobile, the technology behind the games will change to make them better to play and look at than ever before. Game developers will use the latest advances in tech to produce games that offer even more in terms of gameplay and realism. 
  • Blockchain – one very exciting technological advance that could be adopted in entertainment is Blockchain. This is the foundation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but could also be used in its own right, certainly in sectors such as music. It would enable artists to take further control of their music and give a transparent record of any transactions or smart contracts. 
  • Mobile tech to move forward – it is tempting to think that mobile technology has come to a slow halt. New smartphones now seem to only have minor cosmetic differences or slightly better cameras on them. There is, however, a big technological push behind the scenes to evolve mobile tech for entertainment. One such use is phones that do not only capture images but also project them to friends for total entertainment. Advances in the tech that powers mobile devices will also see the games that you can play on them become more sophisticated and immersive. 

Technology and entertainment are a great match

Technology has had such a positive impact on the entertainment sector and how you can choose to enjoy your spare time. Whether it is streaming the latest movie to your phone or playing your favorite slot game on the move, technology makes keeping busy no problem. This is what makes the next steps that technology will take and how that may affect entertainment so exciting. With all the above technological developments on the horizon, it will give you even more ways than ever before to stay amused.