IBM Awarded $240 Million Contract by National Archives

IBM Awarded $240 Million Contract by National ArchivesThe National Archives & Records Administration (or, NARA) has selected IBM for maintaining operations and maintenance of its documents.

NARA has also called on IBM to evolve its Electronic Records Archive (ERA) system as well.  All together, the contract signed between the two is worth $240 million dollars spanned across ten years.

NARA released the following comment following the contract signing, “We look forward to working with IBM to ensure the continued operation of our ERA systems, and to provide for their evolution as we adapt to emerging needs and inevitable changes in technology and software,” said Michael Wash, Executive for Information Services and Chief Information Officer, NARA.

IBM followed up Wash’s statement by releasing the following statement, “In today’s increasingly mobile society, access to digital information has never been more critical,” said Todd Ramsey, general manager, U.S. Federal, IBM. “We are excited to be supporting this landmark endeavor for one of the nation’s most important institutions, and to demonstrate how technology can be used to deliver smarter government solutions.”

NARA exists for the safeguard of United States documents and allows electronic means of accessibility.  It allows the general public to gain access public records electronically rather than having to go to a facility in person.

IBM says that they will begin working on the contract at their labs in Gaithersburg, Maryland and on-site at the NARA Archives II building in College Park, Maryland.