Apple Watch: Impresses for the Most Part in First Reviews

The reviews have started to come in on the Apple Watch that was launched on Friday and critics have started giving their opinion of the high-tech timepieces. The overall consensus seems to be that the sleek wearable by Apple is cool but not all that necessary.

One analyst wrote that the launch of the watch marked an epic release because it was the company’s first new product line since it released the iPad. It was also the tech behemoth’s first new product since Steve Jobs had died.

The analyst called the timepiece beautiful but short of life changing. He believes that Apple will have millions of the units sold and that many users will love them and will obsess over them.

For the analyst, Apple was successful in creating the best smartwatch in the world, but did not convince him yet that he needed to wear it every day.

Another critic said it took three days, three long, frustrating and confusing days to fall for the watch. He said it was not love at first sight. However, when he fell in love with it was a strong love.

He called the watch an informative, efficient assistant. He was able to learn about all digital events as they took place and said the device seems to be an extension of his own body, unlike any previous device. There were a few negatives such as the watches’ software requires a big learning curve that could deter some possible users.

Another critic from an online site compared the new Apple Watch to his own Peeble Steel timepiece. He said he wore one on his left wrist and the other on his right for a comparison.

He quickly was converted as he said after just a couple of days he was no longer looking as his Pebble. He applauded the craftsmanship of the Apple Watch, and the different features it has from monitoring health vitals of the user to the Apple Pay feature that is very easy to use.

He called the apps on the device its only big negative, but is sure that will be improved by Apple.