Michigan Reaps the Benefits of Healthy GM

Michigan is now enjoying the rewards of a healthy General Motors. Since 2009, almost half of the investments made by GM have benefited the state. This was according to its CEO and Chairman Dan Akerson. General Motors

GM invested $8.5 billion and created around 25,000 jobs in the United States during the past four years. This came after its bankruptcy that was backed by the government. More than $3.5 billion were invested in Michigan that created or retained around 12,000 jobs in the state.

One of the most recent investments made by GM that benefited Michigan is the state of the art data center in Warren. A second facility is in the works at the company’s Milford Proving Ground. When combined, GM is spending $546 million on infrastructure and equipment for both facilities. They will be utilized to oversee the company’s IT operations worldwide and part of the plan to transform its IT footprint from 23 facilities to just the two by 2015.

GM said that the two centers were designed to streamline all aspects of manufacturing, product development, sales, marketing, and OnStar applications to provide fast access to the company’s employees anywhere in the planet.

The new data centers will allow the company to analyze data worldwide for sales trends and watch its factories for parts supply and production problems. The IT operations and Command Center has 48 work stations and a 955 square foot video wall with 28 configurable screens that monitor data use around the clock.

Construction of the $258 million data center expansion in Milford will start in summer. This included $158 million in equipment. Akerson said they have great plans for General Motors and to achieve them, the company must transform its IT organization. The announcement made Monday was part of GM’s IT transformation that started in the fall of 2011.