How International Property Developers Are Solving World Crises Daily

International property developers have become an essential and extremely effective force in solving urgent social and environmental crises around the globe. So what are they doing now, how are they doing it, and how can more individuals get involved?

Choose Your Cause

There are many critical needs in the world today. According to WHO a lack of safe drinking kills more people each year than all types of violence and war. 90% of the tens of thousands that die every week are children under five years old. Hunger and poverty are significant issues, with more people living on less than $1.25 per day than live in the entire USA. The environment continues to be a major concern, and along with it co-founder of PayPal and venture capital investor Peter Thiel says health care still requires much innovation.

International property developers, advisors and others involved in the real estate industry are among those leading the charge to remedy these crises and pioneer new solutions.

It only makes sense, and there may be few others equipped to make as substantial strides. International property professionals are keenly aware of these issues, are natural problem solving entrepreneurs, and have significant influence in leading others by example, as well as recruiting their help.

According to the National Association of Home Builders in the US every home built creates more than 3 jobs, and generates almost $90,000 in taxes to support local public services. In an era when even major cities like Detroit are going bankrupt, new construction can make a massive difference alone. Along with the direct infrastructure built in by developers, improvements can benefit many surrounding properties, residents and businesses.

7 Ways International Property Professionals are Innovating Solutions to Largest Crises

  1. Private Equity Funds Recycling Distressed Housing

In 2014 there were 18 million vacant homes in America. Many of these homes have been or are in the process of being repossessed. Others are simply abandoned. Large private equity funds have been acquiring these homes at auction, fixing them up, and are recycling them as rentals. While there are still officially an estimated 2 million people homeless in the United States, private equity and industry professionals are often far better equipped and experienced in turning these properties around than small non-profits.

  1. Engineering Healthy, Sustainable, Affordable Homes

Mesocore has engineered sustainable housing units from shipping containers. These units simultaneously solve many urgent crises by incorporating solar power for clean energy, rainwater harvesting and purification, while providing affordable shelter to replace homes destroyed in disaster areas, and booming African countries which lack the basics. Other builders are helping by simply using more green materials which create healthier living environments and are using smarter development planning to work in better harmony with nature.

  1. Using Property Rights to Protect the Environment

Some leading international property developers and real estate super-lawyers like Philip Boesch in Los Angeles, CA have been using the law and property rights to protect the environment, waterways, and enjoyment of the planet.

  1. International Property Company Employees Supporting Those in Need

Even individual workers at real estate companies around the globe are pitching in however they can to make a difference. Website and graphic designers, copywriters and support staff are frequently organizing efforts to raise awareness of needs, pooling efforts in the wake of disasters like typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and are even contributing to the launch of small sustainable businesses.

  1. Donations and Volunteering

Many companies and their employees are involved in regularly donating and even physically volunteering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and are building affordable housing in communities around the globe.

  1. Hosting Fundraisers

From formal fundraising dinners to property expos put on with proceeds going to feed the homeless in cities like LA many companies are working to raise awareness with all of those they come into contact with.

  1. Organizing Charity Events

International property advisors at IP Global have literally gone to extreme lengths to engage more individuals in solving these crises. In support of Shelter Box in 2014, IP Global competed in The Deloitte Ride Across Britain, and is preparing to compete in a 10k air, land and sea race across Sai Kung Country Park for international disaster relief.

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