Sony Forms ForwardWorks a New Company for Mobile Gaming

Sony will bring titles of PlayStation and mobile devices together for users in Asia. The company announced the launching of a new business that is dedicated to bringing titles of PlayStation to mobile devices of users across Japan and Asia.

Sony’s PS handheld console PlayStation Vita that was released back in 2011, has not survived the increased popularity of electronic mobile devices as well as the games that are tailored for tablets and smartphones.

While you are able to still buy them, the Vita is considered by many to be a flop for the most part.

Despite that not that successful entrance into the mobile gaming world, following news that Sony is planning to merge its division of PlayStation into one unit, the giant in technology is now forming a business that is standalone dedicated to another go at mobile gaming.

On Thursday, Sony announced that the new company, ForwardWorks is working to bring titles of PlayStation to iOS and Android devices.

In its press release, Sony announced that the new company would start its operations April 1 in 2016 and would have a Tokyo, Japan headquarters, which is also the headquarters for Sony.

While there have been no major details released on what Sony’s specific plans are, the combination of content from PlayStation, gaming apps optimized for smart mobile devices and the iOS and Android platforms has suggested that Sony might be hoping it can bring titles from PlayStation to mobile devices through dedicated apps.

If one hopes to acquire the potential apps, however, one might have to be a user in Japan or some other location in Asia. At least that is likely the requirement for now.

Atsushi Morita will lead ForwardWorks as its president and both Hiroshi Ueda and Andrew House will serve as board members.

The new company is starting out with a 10 million yen capital investment.