Java Loading Adware on Macs

A number of websites require computers to use Java, but the latest update of the program for Macs includes adware. The new update automatically installs an add-on for the Web browser for When a search is performed, automatically becomes the default option, replacing the search options of your choice.

The homepage of the browser also changes to, yet one more annoyance that was not requested.

Previously just users of Windows had been subjected to the irritating practice, but now Mac computers by Apple, celebrated for being a simple, clean experience are being loaded up with more unwanted software as well.

There is nothing nefarious about the site by itself. However, sneaking in add-ons that are unnecessary onto an individual’s computer is regarded widely as being intrusive. This sort of thing, over a period of time, fills the computer with software that is not wanted and slows its speed down. Because of this, the software often times is referred to as bloatware.

Oracle, which is the distributor for Java, declined to respond to all requests on Friday for a comment. If one is careful when updating Java, the bloatware from can be avoided during the download by checking the option while the installation process is taking place

However, the average user quickly clicks the options and will miss the one to stop the download. Users can uninstall manually the software in each of the browsers and reset their homepage.

Users should be able to have the option of opting in for any software that is extra and not be forced to opt out. Companies have often been criticized for attempting this type of thing. Major manufacturers of PCs are known for loading certain bloatware onto their own laptops.

Recently customers have made outcries about this bloatware. Lenovo the PC maker was caught in February slipping the malware Superfish in the internet browser add-on that puts ads onto site visited.