Galaxy S5 Sales are Double those of S4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 sold twice as quickly as its predecessor the S4 on the day it was launched, said retailers in the UK as up to 99% of the new Samsung smartphones sold are on contracts with 4G.

The new generation S5 cannot be kept on store shelves.

Retailers of mobile phones in the UK Carphone Warehouse and Phone 4U revealed that sales of their S5 were over double that of the first day of the S4.

The two large stores said that the new phone’s pre-orders had been substantially higher than the S4 with a spokesperson at Carphone Warehouse claiming sales had been 150% of the S4 on the first day of sales of the S5.

Officials said 95% of the contract sales for the S5 at Carphone Warehouse and 99% of the S5 sales at Phones 4U included 4G contracts.

In Britain, 4G is what is considered its early stages. However, it seems the Galaxy S5 has reached a point it has wide enough coverage, with price points that phone lovers are willing to accept.

Both of the retail chains have partnered with South Korea-based Samsung to run the Samsung Experience shops through Britain and the rest of Europe. The first opened in time for the launch of the S5.

The S4 from Samsung had over 10 million units shipped through just the first month, but sales ended up slower than what had been expected.

The Samsung senior VP of product strategy Yoon Han-kil said the new S5 was selling much faster than the older S4 did.

The company’s strategy regarding the S5 is not loaded it with bloatware and gimmicks. With the S4, the company said the smartphone should not be focused just on hardware.

Samsung decided to come up with lots of services and software, which led to a number being put into the S4.

However, in contrast the S5 only has what the user needs and wants, while a large amount of software and services were cut out.