Facebook Taking on Yelp and Angie’s List with New Services

Facebook has quietly been testing one of its new features that direct users to the best reviewed and rated local providers of service in the area in which they are located.

At the URL Facebook.com/services, that is easy to access, the social network compiled a directory that is searchable of providers of professional services, such as contractors, painters, doctor’s offices, plumbers, auto repair, childcare, salons, event players, pet groomers, decorators as well as many more.

The effort is like the moves made by both Google and Amazon to connect their customers with local and home service providers as a way to unseat the giants in the industry such as Yelp and Angie’s List, by leveraging both the broad reach and strength of  each of their platforms.

This new feature for Facebook was spotted first by the Search Engine Land blog.

What makes it interesting is that while Google and Amazon have been targeting the home services market with Amazon launching its nationwide Home Services site in March and Google an extension to its AdWords, the effort by Facebook expands beyond just the local pros to also include other businesses as well.

The site is very simple to follow as it is laid out in a simple format, with its search box for the type of business that the user wants to research.

It also defaults to the current location, pulling a background image of the city being searched.

However, at this time, the site is only available through desktop but Facebook offers a way to find any local businesses through mobile handsets via its Nearby Places feature.

At this time, the service page for Facebook only seems at first glance to highlight service providers in the area like spas, automotive services, business services, pet services as well as others, with all being featured with thumbnail photos above the larger directory.

Over 80 types of business are linked to the directory, but others are available by using the search box.