Tour by Tesla of Meet Model X Begins

During the earnings call for Tesla Motors the electric carmaker earlier this month, the company announced it was doing whatever it could to heighten the demand for its launch in September of Model X SUV.

With orders coming in for the latest vehicle that are higher by 75% in one year, without the company showing the vehicle in its stores, or marketing it on the Internet, there is no reason to have the actual vehicle until the production phase begins.

Its deposit-backed 35,000 orders for the SUV were significant already, considering Tesla just delivered only 50,600 vehicles in all during 2015.

However, it seems the business might finally be set to start pulling the lever for demand.

The Meet Model X tour of Tesla which started earlier in February signals the first demand push the carmaker has for its new SUV.

Notably, the reach of the tour still represents conservatism for demand since it is only available for reservation holders of the current vehicle.

However, getting the SUVs out and sharing them with customers is a significant step forward in its effort for creating demand for its next generation model.

The tour will continue through March and includes 30 stops.

This is not the first time that Tesla has gone with this approach to solicit demand from consumers.

The tour replicates the Double Black All-Wheel drive that was launched during 2015 to market its 2014 late-launched Model S with dual motor technology.

The decision by the maker of electric cars to launch a tour that is similar for its new Model X, suggests the test drive events have proven to be successful.

The Model S’s unit sales were much higher in October, with the model’s unit sales going from 2014 of 31,700 to 50,000 during 2015. Tesla did enter the new year constrained by the production, the orders continued which are signs that the sales will grow rapidly as the year moves forward.